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About Us

Expanding Our Love for Pickleball, One Person at a Time.

We are passionate about pickleball. We want you to be passionate about pickleball. Our mission is to introduce you to the sport, teach you the skills to feel confident playing against higher level players, and offer you services that can not only make you a better player, but also services that make pickleball fun and enjoyable.

Our Story

Back in 2013, Adam was introduced to Pickleball by his Mother and Father, Coleen and Mike. Adam had no experience in racquet sports (as you can see in the video), but he found the social aspect of pickleball intriguing.

He played off and on from 2013-2017, and in 2018 starting playing in tournaments and taking pickleball more seriously. His skills were still lower level, but the more he played the better he got. In late 2019, he moved to Alabama to be with the love of his life, then in early 2020 came the pandemic. Laid off twice, he decided he'd start a pickleball company.


By this point, his skills had improved enough that he could hold his own against good players. Naturally, people wanted to learn from him so they could get better, and so it grew. In 2021, he and his wife moved to Connecticut. He kept the AL lessons going with instructors he brought on prior to leaving. As he introduced himself to people in CT, the same occurred; people wanted to get better, so they signed up for lessons. 

One connection led to another, and now he has 13 instructors in 4 states and growing!

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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