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Corporate Pickleball?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

In the age of Covid-19 where companies had employees furloughed or worse, had them work from home;), Managers are looking for new and innovative ways to encourage team-building.

Why? First, Social interaction. Many of us spent many months cooped up in our homes, away from other humans. “Aidan, stop hitting Caleb!” and “Dad, I’m hungry! When is lunch?” Humans have a need to have intimate interaction with other humans. It’s in our nature, but for adults, social interaction is more appealing when intelligent conversations are had in a quiet environment with other adults.

Second, you may have not met your new work mates! Hiring has occurred behind the scenes in some instances. Zoom interviews has ushered in great ways of social distancing, but it’s taken away our social interaction with new people. The days of welcoming the new person to the office (and talking about their hair or what they wore their first day of work) may seem trivial, but it’s what made some work days tolerable.

So, what do you do? There’s always getting together the teams for a good ol’ game of softball, or you can take everyone to one of those escape rooms, but who’s not sick of that craze? Ever heard of Pickleball?

Pickleball is a racquet sport that uses a slimmed down version of a tennis court, a paddle that’s a little larger than a table tennis paddle, and a wiffle ball that is stiffer than your typical child’s wiffle ball. It’s the fastest growing sport in America with millions now playing. The great thing about Pickleball is anyone can play, from young children to adults into their 80’s (and older).

Unlike tennis, it doesn’t overextend your muscles and bones. It’s typically played 2 v 2, which means with a smaller court you have less ground to cover than in tennis. Also, the strategy is to hit the ball into the ”Kitchen” (non-volley zone) so that your opponents cannot smack the crap out of the ball, giving you an advantage. This means small, shorter swings are only necessary, saving you from tennis elbow.

Of course, when you get that ball that’s too high, please feel free to smack the crap out of it!

Pickleball by Adam has a new team-building service that brings you everything you need to get your people invigorated again. You’ll get 3 hours of instruction and competition taught and organized by a certified instructor. All done in a private facility, so you can bring your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and food.

If your looking for a unique team-building experience for your company’s employees, look no further!

Contact Adam at or visit for more details.

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Unknown member
Jan 13, 2022

This pandemic has an impact on everyone's life and jobs. Pickleball, I agree, provided some relief at the time. My friends taught me how to play this game, and I really enjoy it. To teach my children how to play pickleball, I recently purchased a paddle from

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