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Thank you

We want to personally thank every single person that has taken lessons from us. Pickleball is a passion of ours. We love adding value to your life, and if we can help you become a better Pickleball player, then it's worth every drop of sweat!

Rave Reviews

Nancy M.

"Adam is a natural teacher who used lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement with his clear teaching style.

After my first Pickleball lesson today with Adam, I got a great start to basics, had fun and got a wonderful workout."

Dr. Charles & Lisa G.

"Adam is a true pro! We love lessons with him because he does a great job of striking a balance between challenging us and being supportive and patient as we learn. My husband played tennis and is at a higher skill level then me, and Adam is able to adjust his approach to teach both of us effectively. Highly recommend."

Paul R.

"Whether you are a beginner or have played pickleball for a while, Adam is spot-on with suggestions to improve your game. He knows the techniques to help you win at the baseline and at the kitchen line. He observed my play and helped with some bad habits. My game has totally improved since I've been taking lessons with him."

Stephen W.

"In just a few lessons, Adam taught me the fundamental skills and strategy to play Pickleball competitively in my local group, and I've I've even started competing (and often winning!) in tournaments."

Susan P.

"I have taken several lessons from Adam. He is very helpful and a skilled teacher. Adam also keeps the lessons fun! I look forward to continuing learning the game from him."

Judi C.

"I have had one lesson from Adam and found his instruction easy to understand from learning the rules and placement on the court to ball striking. He also taught some strategy and other things to be aware of. I find Adam to be an exceptional instructor and he does so with good humor and understanding."

David B.

"My wife and I took a couples Pickleball lesson from Adam, and it was fantastic. We had been playing for a while but had never had a formal lesson. We had a great time, but more importantly, we were able to immediately improve our game tremendously. Adam helped us improve our skills, strategy, and knowledge in just one lessons. We are looking forward to the next one!"

Josh K.

"I booked a lesson through Pickleball by Adam because a friend had just introduced me to the sport and I wanted to get better quickly. Adam took me from not knowing the rules of pickleball to placing in sanctioned tournaments within a few weeks.

I highly recommend and beginning player wanting to work on their fundamentals or long-time players who are looking to make the jump to higher competitive play to book a lesson with Adam. His rates are at market level and he can also make professional paddle recommendations based on your strengths and style of play.

I'm glad that I have found an instructor that's willing to go the extra mile to help me reach my pickleball goals."

Katrina D.

"We thought Adam did a great job helping us progress from the level we are...not too basic, bust just good practical skills to help us improve from our current level."


"Thank you Adam! Can't imagine a better teacher for two older beginning students. You structured our first lesson in an easy step-by-step way to make us feel comfortable and successful and understand all the basics. We left excited to make a plan to continue. Since you've been at it so long, you could tell us everything we needed to know about equipment, available courts, and future lessons. So glad we started our exploration of this sport with you!"

Maria M.

"Adam was very helpful for giving me strategies in a doubles game. Also, I learned when to do a 3rd drop vs. a drive."

Gary P.

"Adam drove quite a way to find me and was right on time. I am not a beginner and he knew exactly how to get me moving towards improving my shot making. I look forward to many more lessons, and I've heard if you ask nicely, Adam might bring you beer;)"


"We were super happy to put the new information Adam shared with us into practice. We played for 4 hours yesterday-3 hours of singles and 1 hour of doubles! We both agreed it was fun to play before any lessons, but even more fun to have the ability to tap into a higher level of the mental game. With better mental game came a good increase in cardio for both of us.

Also, we like knowing what we need to correct where there is an error & we can remind each other while on the court of what the ideal is and continue our learning. So, in a nutshell, helped tremendous amount to have the tools to practice getting better so maybe one day we can play in tournaments! We still have plenty to learn and I could see us checking in for lessons with Adam periodically."

John O.

"Adam helped me, a former tennis player, to adjust my game to the nuances of pickleball. He's a good listener and notices just about everything, and his easy-going demeanor makes practice fun and stress-free."

Pat R.

"Adam is "The best" trainer. He's an excellent trainer who has the expertise to guide you all in all Pickleball principles. He helped me gain my confidence back after a 2 year PB hiatus due to injury. He will work with you to get back up to speed to begin playing again."


"Adam has been a great teacher/coach and while enjoyable to learn from, he is very driven to make sure that I have received a thorough overview of the game and rules coupled with great strategy techniques that are well relayed and easy to understand. He is very precise in his teachings to ensure our personal goals with this great sport. Pickleball is so much fun and Adam has enabled me to have fun with it all the while feeding me with great instruction. He is the only instructor I have ever had and it will remain as such."

Greg W.

"Very knowledgeable of all aspects of the game and great at explaining the concepts to you. Adam really cares about making you a better player and to enjoy the game."

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